About Bismeaux Studio:

Bismeaux Studio was established in the early 1990's by Asleep At The Wheel founder Ray Benson. When we first opened our doors, the studio consisted of one 29 x 21 x 14 foot room. At that time our Control Room was strategically placed in one corner of the room.

When planning began in 1993 for the Asleep At The Wheel album; Tribute to the music of Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys, it was decided more studio space was needed. Branching off of Bismeaux’s main room, a 9 x 10 x 10 foot drum/vocal room was constructed. Upon completion, the room was first used to record Garth Brooks vocal track on Deep Water. The new room for a short time became known as “The Garth Brooks Room.”

Upon completion of the Asleep At The Wheel Bob Wills project, we decided to relocate our control room into what was our drum/vocal room. This worked well for a time, but soon it was decided we once again needed more studio space. Seeing as how Bismeaux Studio owner Ray Benson is 6’7” tall, it was decided a massive Texas-size control room was in order.

In the Spring of 1994 construction began on our current control room. A control room Bismeaux Studio owner Ray Benson proudly boasts as being, “The largest Control room in Texas.” Designed by Steven Durr, the room’s dimensions are 23 x 26 x 12 feet.

With the success of Asleep At The Wheel's first Bob Wills Tribute recording, Bismeaux Studio quickly became recognized as one of the countries high-quality recording studios; bringing in high profile projects, as well as high profile engineers, such as Grammy-winning engineer and producer Gary Paczosa. “I chose to work at Bismeaux mainly because I love that API console! I have worked on that specific console at three different studios, and it kicks ass all the time,” said Paczosa. “The control room, as well as the great microphone and outboard gear selection, does not hurt either.”

Bismeaux Studio’s most recent transformation came in late 1999 when two isolation booths were constructed thus completing what is Bismeaux’s current floor plan.

Over the years Bismeaux Studio has recorded many of County Music’s elite. With the ever-changing technology of music recording, Bismeaux Studio strives to make the most exciting modern recordings using its unique combination of recording technologies from different areas.

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